Residential Gates
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Residential Gates and Fences – ASHBY Automatic Gates

Ashby Automatic Gates are the ideal solution for nearly any residential gate requirements.
About Ashby Automatic Gates Residential Gates:
  • All of our sliding and swing gates can be operated through use of hand-held remotes, key pads, swipe cards, and ground loop sensors.
  • All of our automatic gates have safety “eyes” as standard, ensuring safe operation. The safety eyes use an infra-red beam which picks up on objects in the gate’s path when closing – if any object is detected, the gate will stop and reopen.
  • We can also source and supply intercom systems that are 100% compatible with all of our automatic gates.
  • All Ashby Automatic Gates can be automated with industry-leading CAME technology.
  • All our gates are manufactured using the highest quality steel, are galvanised for long-term durability, and can be powder coated to provide a colour finish of your choice.
  • Gates can be custom-made to your specific requirements.
Sliding gates:

Linestar – for sliding gates up to 300kg
CAME BK 1800 – for sliding gates up to 1800kg and/or intensive use.

Swing gates:

CAME ATI – operator for heavy duty cycles and gates up to 5m wide.
CAME FERNI – our fastest model, for large pillars (up to 800mm2) using articulated arms.

Advantages of a Residential Gates from Ashby Automatic Gates Includes:


Electrically-controlled gates are an effective preventative measure against car theft and burglary. When you install an Ashby Automatic Gate, your first line of defence is extended from your front door out to your gateway. In combination with proper fencing, you can therefore greatly enhance your perimeter security.


Electric gates with a hand-held remote control are simple and easy to use, and mean that you can keep your gates closed at all times except when you are entering or leaving your property.


We offer a range of practical and elegant designs. All of our gates and fences are manufactured using quality steel, and are galvanised for hard-wearing, long-term durability. We can also provide a powder coated finish in the colour of your choice.

All our gates – both swing and sliding – are manufactured to specifically suit your property. Choose from one of our existing designs, or discuss the requirements of your situation with us.

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