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Commercial and Industrial Gates – ASHBY Automatic Gates

Ashby Automatic Gates options for commercial and industrial sites:

We offer operation through:

  • Hand-held remotes
  • Key pads
  • Swipe cards
  • Ground loop sensors
  • Infra-red safety “eyes”, which will prevent the gates from closing if any object is detected in their path.

All Ashby Automatic Gates can be automated with industry-leading CAME technology.

Sliding gates:

CAME BK18ALS – for gates up to 1800kg (single phase power required).
BXV10ALF - for gates up to 1000kg.
BKV20ALS - for gates up to 2000kg (single phase)

Swing gates:

CAME AXO Series - lineal drive operators.

Barrier arms:

CAME GARD series – for vehicle and pedestrian control on roadways and at building entrances.

A gate to suit YOUR needs
  • Ashby Automatic Gates will discuss the requirements of your site with you and then recommend the most suitable gate and /
    or fencing system for your situation, as well as providing appropriate entry and exit options.
  • We’re prepared and equipped to deal with the specific requirements of your site – we’ll cater to your needs no matter what the
    challenges of your site are, manufacturing a gate to suit your property.
  • You can choose from our range of practical and secure designs.
  • All of our gates and fences are manufactured using high-quality steel, and are galvanised to enhance their long-term durability.
  • We can also complete a powder coated finish in the colour of your choice.
  • The BXV series of operators can all have a battery back up added if required.
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Ashby Automatic Gates offers a wide range of wrought iron and tubular fencing options for both residential and commercial use.

Our fencing range acts both practically and visually in concert with our automatic gates to provide a total perimeter security option for your property.

We have a range of different fencing styles available, each of which offers long-term durability, greatly enhanced perimeter security for your property, and added visual appeal for your home or business.

In addition to manufacturing and installing boundary fencing, we can securely fence and gate your home or commercial pool.