About Us

About Company

We are Ashby Automatic Gates, a Christchurch based company who specialises in secure gates and fences for commercial, residential and industrial properties. We manufacture and install gates and fences made from the highest quality steel and can custom-make a design to suit your needs.

We are a leading user of CAME automatic gate equipment. They are an Italian world-leading company, who are known for their quality products. We can supply and install CAME products – they have provided many years of trouble-free services.

about company

Why Choose Us

We can customise any gates and fences to suit your needs and desires. At Ashby Automatic Gates we offer our services to the Christchurch and Canterbury area and offer a range of practical and elegant designs. All of our gates and fences are manufactured using quality steel, and are galvanised for hard-wearing, long-term durability.

Our focus is entirely on you. We will take care of your fencing project from start to finish, beginning with a conversation to understand the project and discuss what will work too best. From there, we will design and manufacture the fence and gates, which will be totally unique to your needs. We use the highest quality materials, which will stand the test of time and are super durable. We will then install the gate, fence and any automatic gate equipment before cleaning up and leaving the area tidy and with a flawless finish.

Our Service List

Our residential and commercial fencing and gate services include:

  • Manufacture steel/ wrought iron fences
  • Installation of automatic and manual gates
  • Servicing of gates and automatic gate equipment
  • Manufacturing of steel/wrought iron fences
  • Installation of fences
  • Powder coating
  • Galvanising

Our Best Quality

Quality is at the heart of all we do – by manufacturing, galvanizing and installing the fences and gates, we can guarantee this quality. All fences and gates are manufactured to specifically suit your property.

Sliding and Swing Gates

A gate is a preventative measure against car theft and burglary. When you install an Ashby Automatic Gate to your property, your first line of defence is extended from your front door to your gateway.

Automatic Sliding and Swing Gates

Automatic gates with a hand-held remote or keypad are convenient and easy to use. Not only do they add a layer of security by keeping the gate closed at all times unless you’re leaving or entering the property, but they also prevent you having to get out of the car in poor weather to open or close the gate.